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             At age 17, Jük sprains his ankle playing basketball (his first dream) and, not being able to run around, sits down at the piano and starts to write songs, finding a never-before-realized gift and passion of music composition.

            He decides to switch dreams and releases a 2-song demo (using ‘Fruity Loops’ to produce the beats and a local recording studio to record the songs).  He eventually does a 13-song album in his senior year of high school, and tells everyone that he ‘is going platinum’. 

            This first album was more pop and R&B with a little Hip-Hop. 



            Facing heavy challenges in a new environment, at the University of Florida, Jük starts getting, for the first time in his life, heavy into Hip-Hop, and tries to study all the greatest rappers of all time.

            He was going through many social challenges, partying, etc., and saw Hip-Hop as a way to vent his frustrations and insecurities. 

            He released his first rap mixtape at the end of 2003.  He also helped form a rock/hip-hop band called Star 69.



            Continuing to rap, he releases another mixtape in June 2004.



            Jük gets the idea for the Hip-Hop Gospels, looking for a way to combine the Word of God with this great art form, but was in no place, spiritually or artistically to do anything about it.  So he sat on it.

            In his senior year at the University of Florida (getting his BA in Journalism), he releases an album with Star 69, which soon-after broke up, as well as a rap album with fellow Gainesville rap local, Raw D, that they called ‘Black and White Television’. 

            He then comes back home to Cape Coral, Fl. And gets a job at Hertz Equipment Rental.



            In September, Jük takes a week-long trip out to Los Angeles, and falls in love with the city, and decides to start saving up to move out there.



            After saving up $10,000 (most of which he would spend in his first week in LA (on first and last-month’s rent and security deposit), he rents a 14-foot Budget truck, with a trailer (for his car), and drives 3,000 miles cross country to LA. 



            In mid-2008, Jük releases another album, ‘hE=eMCee squared’, but begins falling very quickly spiritually in the LA-party scene.

            He hits rock-bottom in late 2008, and rededicates his life to Jesus Christ.



            After rededicating his life to Christ, Jük releases his first posthumous album, ‘Get Free’ in March 2009.

            He also begins working on the Hip-Hop Gospels, after receiving encouragement from a good friend, DJ Robinson.  He starts spending hours reading through scripture, translating it into poetry, and producing music for each of the songs.



            After a couple years promoting his ‘Get Free’ album locally, Jük goes back to Florida for his 10-year high school reunion.  He thinks it is just a quick trip back home for a few months, but it eventually turns into a permanent stay.



            After a couple years of writing and recording, Jük releases 5 projects: 2 albums, ‘Reborn’ and ‘Christ Saved My Life’, 2 new mixtapes, ‘The Jesus Mixtape Volume 1 and Volume 2’, and the first ever Hip-Hop Gospels.

            He thought surely this would be his musical breakout moment.

            But nothing happened.

            Jük picked up a job as a server at Carrabba’s Italian Grille in Cape Coral, Fl.



            Jük begins dating his future wife, Elizabeth, in July, and starts to see he needs more job options.  He tries to open up a Wedding video/photography company, but that quickly fizzles out.

            He starts working with his dad, fixing A/Cs to try and earn more money, for him and his future wife.  He knows absolutely NOTHING about the A/C industry or anything mechanical.  Up to this point, he was merely a basketball player, writer, and musician, but he gets to studying.

            He begins training at his dad’s A/C company, ‘Adam’s Cooling’.

            Jük also releases ‘The Jesus Mixtape Vol. 3’, when not studying A/C and electrical.



            Jük gets engaged in February, and married in December, and manages to release ‘The Jesus Mixtape Vol. 4’ before the end of the year.



            Jük releases his first reggae release, ‘Welcome to Kingdom Music’, combining soul, reggae, and Hip-Hop.

            He begins leading worship at the Father’s Heart Ministry.



            After months and months of preparation, and years of training, Jük passes his A/C contractor’s test, and sets his sights on owning his own company.




            Jük buys his dad’s A/C business, as he and Elizabeth begin their first year in business together as business owners.

            They also begin attending an apologetics class taught by Dr. Joe Mulvihill, and get inspired to get this information out to the masses somehow.

            They begin working on the first-ever apologetics board game, and what would eventually become the Web site, ‘’.

            Jük meets Daniel Israel, and they begin doing ministry together, healing the sick and praying for the lost on the downtown streets of Fort Myers, Fl.



            Jük and Elizabeth launch (Christian apologetics-based) and (Identity-in-Christ-based).

            Jük re-releases his album ‘Get Free’, with new songs, as well as remixed and remastered old ones.

            They also launch their Welcome to Truth Brochures, to get the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ out to the world.

             Because of how diverse his music is, Jük also decides to release a new series of worship/folk/rock songs under the name, Jük - Worship, to compliment his rap music, which is being released under the name (Jük) (so as not to confuse his rap fans with his slower worship music, or vice versa).


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