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Jük writes and records worship music AND Hip-Hop music.

For his worship music, he mixes a fusion of folk, soft rock, worship and hip-hop, a combination that could be described only by mixing an artist like NeedtoBreathe or Mercy Me, with Lecrae, or your favorite Christian rapper.


Jük plays guitar, piano, harmonica, b-box, drums, and has been producing, recording, mixing, and mastering his own music now for many years.

Jük has written songs with Alan Powell, formerly from the Christian band Anthem Lights, and appeared as a rapper on Christian rapper, KJ-52’s album, “Sons of Intellect”. 


For his hip-hop music, he has created the first-ever CHV Music Bible.  He raps the bible, and provides the music in the background, in pretty much a word-for-word translation of the Word of God, which can all be found on his artist page, 


He and his wife, Elizabeth, also started the Web site and created the first-ever Apologetics Board game, where they teach you, through apologetics, the strong scientific, archaeological and historical evidence for Christianity, and how to defend your faith.

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