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You Are Holy


You are holy Holy You Are



Yo, I’ve got a drive all up in me

To never stop going till my tank’s on empty

If MTV won’t pick me up

I don’t give a Frank/ It’s God whom I thank

Not preparation meeting opportunity/

However you define it/ Will demonstrate your blindness

Been ripping for position since my mission was decided

Divided/ Though I’m still infecting like a virus

Starting to recognize this beauty, it’s apparent

The world’s been around me, and I’m just now caring

Every single human being is valuable to cherish

We all fall short of God, and one day we’ll all perish

I was disregarded as a curious youth

I wanted to make my mark in this hip-hop music

But now, all I want to do is give God true

Worship from my heart/ Lord, I live for You  





Started out Jersey boy till 6

Then my parents vacated to the Cape Coral stix

For 6 months, we were rental home

As my dad built our house, almost all alone

Nothing to do, so we’d-get-creative/

Playing ball Saving all my cutting-grass money/ For some trading cards for me

Those were the days but those days are gone

Now I’m rapping as the captain of my ship for the Son

Been so long since I’ve seen the kid in my past

Though the lessons that I learned surely are there to last

I’m accepting daily the person I’ve formed in tact

As long as God’s got my back, I’m beating every attack

From yesterday to tonight, I want to shine for You

So the world comes out just to see the truth

So use me for Your glory, and let Your victory grow

Inside of me while I worship You at all of my shows





Who cares if I make it?/ Lost hatred long ago in my heart

Yeah I’ve been waiting/ Trying to stay patient/ Making my art

I’m in the train stations, preaching about my amazing God

Seeing hard-core druggies, needing hugs in the park

This is ministry, it blesses Jesus, this is the truth

Miracles occur every day as you confuse

Them with illusion/ Choosing to believe it happened by chance

With all our power, refusing-to-believe in God’s hand

And stop denying what’s trying to be

Face it, none-of-you out there are-truly happy

If you’re looking for fulfillment in the sex and the bars

Then I pray you find Jesus, who will finally fill your hearts

Advice, if you want to feel complete,-serve who you see

From the bum in the streets to your family

From the dumb and the weak to the meek and the strong

And we will worship You, Lord till our wheels fall off



Hell's Beat Down


This is how heaven's beat sounds

We're giving hell a beatdown

All praise to King Jesus

(The cross is hell's beat down)


I'm compelled to unveil the gospel and then

Heaven will enter our set on the 7th day

Sent from the steps of God's residence

And Jesus/ By being our janitor

And cleaning our shambles

He leads me to His hands of love

To be redeemed of my temper

These demons can't get nothing on me/ Bandage em

Beaten and damaged

In pieces/ Diseased and completely dismantled now

Now I can speak with a gavel and

On a street in a battle/ That Jesus of Nazareth

Is the King of the whole inhabited universe

Including the galaxies

Beyond all imaginable matter

Where time and space have not been properly scavanged and

The immaculate One who defeated the dragon

Is our compassion/ Unmasked through His passion

Through that we've now come into marriage with God for eernity

Let's worship Him gladly

So happy He took me and carried me to His solarium



Be the image of God

Just a miniature kid with His energy/ A Timothy or Paul

No timidity in your identity/ A Christian with a cause

To real liberty in His divinity

No pretending to be any celebrity

To these millennials, show em the heavenlies

God is our dividend ya'll/ Never malevolent

Jump in His river

The current is riveting/ Dip in and fall

In it/ Live it/ Love it

Covet His riches and unlimited bar

You can drink from the door

And be ready to fall on a limitless floor/ I've been there before

He'll minister hope to a sinister dog

He'll promise you intimate bonds

Your heart He will physically visit

And visibly give it a replacement and spark

History gives us the image of

His Son, just broken and pinned up on that cross

Spit on and tossed

To a hole with a stone rolled across it

Oh the cost/ Hope was lost

Till King Jesus/ Broke free like a boss



Could I get a better litter than the imminent King?

No no, I don't think so/ Heaven's gift for

All those wanting Him

Jesus/ He's the reason for my joyous season even in

Harder water/ Father God I/ Never will abandon Him

Uh/ I used to dumb on the blunt

My deeds were dark in the sun

Till someone showed me the Son

Now when they pass it, I punt

Still I'm living uninhibited/ Freedom is imminent

Not that I'm innocent/ But I've got medicine

I've been forgiven of all my committed sins

Now I am different/ Given the evidence

For the ressurrection and

I've been so blessed in this

Lion of Judah, His message is

That I am poo-poo unless I accept His free gift with repentance in

My heart, then I'll see redemption

Inside of my mess/ I'll be blessed in the tension

Engine roaring for Christ and my brethren

Giving the message/ To all of the skeptics


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